Common Name

Scientific Name



Virginia Pine Pinus virginiana One of the two common pines of the park woods and field borders, has a smoother and more reddish trunk than the shortleaf pine. The yellow-green short needles are in bundles of 2, and are twisted. Young trees can be seen in the successional areas of the park north of Phillips-Hawkins Hall. Virginia Pine
Eastern Hemlock Tsuga canadensis Few individuals planted or escaped in the park woods. Hemlock
White Pine Pinus Strobis In the park fields along the border of the former lake. Needles are in bundles of 5. White Pine
Long Leaf Pine Pinus palustris One individual in the park fields along border of former lake. needles in bundles of 3, 10-16 inches long. Long Leaf Pine
Short Leaf Pine Pinus schinata The other of the 2 common pines in the park forest, distinguished from the virginia pine by its plated trunk. Short Leaf Pine
Loblolly Pine Pinus taeda Several mature individuals in park fields along border of former lake, planted in the 1940’s. Some seedlings have been planted in the park since then. Needles in bundles of 3, 6-9inches long. Loblolly Pine