Lichens & Fungi

Common Name

Scientific Name



False Turkeytail Stereum ostrea Very thin multicolored bracket fungus with a smooth underside, common in park woods. False Turkeytail
Common Green Shield Lichen Flavoparmelia caperata Common blue-green lichen on tree trunks throughout peabody park. Shield Lichen
Crowded parchment Stereum complicatum Similar to False Turkey tail, but generally smaller and orange brown in color, common in the park woods. Crowded Parchment
Mushroom Amanita sp. Presence of potent toxins of various types has made this genus infamous but some taxa are considered edible. Ectomycorrhizal with gymnosperms and angiosperms or rarely apparently saprobic; on soil or litter. Mushroom
Sapwood Rot Porodaedalea pini A Fungi that causes “red ring rot” within trees. sapwood rot
Photo by Austin Madison