Reptiles & Amphibians

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Reptiles & Amphibians

Eastern Box Turtle Terrapene Carolina Carapace skeleton found 24 October 1997 along creek in section G9 of Park woods. No other records (O’Hara, October 1997). There were also anecdotal reports of a possible misplaced wild individual or lost pet box turtle in 2011 (Somers, personal communication). Eastern Box Turtle
Image by Brian Henderson @
Five Lined Skink Eumeces fasciatus Skinks are relatively common in the Park and elsewhere on campus, although they are not easily seen. A specimen captured in May 1998 in section H6 S of Eberhart Building was confirmed to be this species. Other species, including E. inexpectatus and E. laticeps, may also be present. (FRH, April 1998) Five-lined Skink
Image by Vicki DeLoach @
Rough Earth Snake Virginia striatula Not yet recorded from the Park itself, but one dead specimen found in campus section G7 N of Stone Building, 2 April 1998. (FRH April 1998) Rough Earth Snake
Image by Marcia Cirillo @
Squirrel Tree Frog Hyla squirella One seen in section D10 attached to a window of Moore-Strong Hall after a rain storm, August 1996. No other records (O’Hara, September 1997). Squirrel Tree Frog
Image by Tom Spinker @
Salamanders Desmognathus sp. Recorded from creek branches in the Park woods. Most likely Desmognathus fuscus, Dusky Salamander. (ABS, September 1997) Salamander spp.
Image by Dave Huth @