Who are we?

The PPPC  is comprised of faculty, staff and students from UNCG along with standing representation from the community. Current members are:

Elizabeth Lacey (Professor Emerita, UNCG Biology)

Ken Pearce (UNCG Director Facilities Design & Construction)
Fredrick Patrick (Retiree/Consultant UNCG Facilities Design & Construction)
Sameer Kapileshwari (UNCG Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities)
Ben Kunka (UNCG Waste Reduction and Recycling)
Randal Romie (President at Designature – LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS, Greensboro, NC)
Gideon Wasserberg (UNCG Associate Professor Biology)
Heather Rushforth (UNCG Lecturer Biology)
Andrew Currin (UNCG Assistant Director for Grounds)
Kevin Siler (UNCG Grounds)
Sean MacInnes (UNCG Sustainability Specialist)
Kathryn Bloodworth (UNCG Biology Graduate Student Representative)
Radmila Petric (Highlands Biological Station Director)
Alyssa Young (UNCG Biology Graduate Student Representative)
April Harris (­­­ UNCG Biology Laboratory Manager – Plant Biology / Greenhouse Manager)