Who are we?

The PPPC  is comprised of faculty, staff and students from UNCG along with standing representation from the community. Current members are:

Dr. Elizabeth Lacey – Committee Chair (Professor, UNCG Biology)
Mr. Fredrick Patrick (Greensboro Community)
Mr. Jorge Quintal (Associate Vice Chancellor for Facilities, UNCG Facilities)
Mr. Ben Kunka (UNCG Waste Reduction & Recycling)
Mr. Randal Romie (President at Designature – LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTS, Greensboro, NC)
Mr. Kenneth Pearce (UNCG Facilities Design & Construct)
Dr. Gideon Wasserberg (UNCG Biology)
Mr. Kevin Siler (UNCG Grounds)
Mr. Peter Ashe (UNCG Grounds)
Mr. Daniel Durham (UNCG Facilities Operations)
Mr. Hal Shelton (UNCG Grounds)
Ms. Angela Larsen – Graduate Student Representative (UNCG Biology)
Ms. Leonette Griffin – Webmaster (UNCG Biology)